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The Welcome

From The Detroit Times, November 6, 1913. By Berton Braley.

It’s “How do you do” to William,
    But simply “Hello!” to Bill.
For William has stocks in the safety box,
    While the riches of Bill are nil;
And William has might and power
    Which people are wary of,
So they smile and bow to William now,
    But penniless Bill they love!

It’s “How do you do?” to William,
    With something of fear and awe,
When we’re face to face in the market place,
    Where gold is the chiefest law,
But the children and men and women,
    They turn with right good will
From work or play when he comes their way
    And holler “Hello” to Bill!

It’s “How do you do?” to William,
    With the thought of his cash in view;
While not a stamp has Bill, the scamp!
    We like him because—we do!
Now had you your choice of greetings
    Which one would meet your will?
The “How Do You Do?” for William
    Or the simple “Hello!” for Bill?

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