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The Winter Walk

From The Birmingham Age Herald, January 11, 1914

Some people say that summer is the only time to walk,
Or be outdoors, but Pop and me we don’t believe such talk;
Why we go out the coldest days and tramp an hour or two,
And we see lots and lots of things that stay-homes never do.

For if the trees are brown and bare and all the flowers are dead,
The woods are full of evergreens and berries bright and red;
And crows are flying round the fields and calling far and loud,
Or gathering in the tree-tops like a big convention crowd.

And rabbits run across the road and scamper off so shy,
Or maybe squirrels on some high limb peep at us quick and sly;
And when the wind blows ‘round the hill the leaves fly everywhere,
Or whirl off like a flock of birds upon the frosty air.

And if when we’re a-walking out it should begin to snow,
We button up and hike along till we are all aglow;
And when we get back home again we look so fresh an’ strong,
That folks say, “My but you look fine—I wish I’d went along.”

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