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Too Wearisome

From the Rock Island Argus, May 12, 1914. By Henry Howland.

I’d like to be among the few
    Who, needing rest, may be at ease;
I mean those lucky people who
    May turn from duty when they please—
The ones who, feeling weariness,
    May knock off early for the day
And have no fear that pitiless
    Taskmasters will reduce their pay.

I’d like to have the right to let
    Some other who was under me
Remain at work to stew and fret
    While I went roving carelessly;
I’d like to hold an office which
    Might be left to another’s care,
While I sought pleasure with the rich
    Or sat at blissful ease somewhere.

But I have noticed that the men
    Who have the privilege I lack,
Who may depart, not caring when
    Their interests shall call them back—
I’ve noticed that those who possess
    This privilege, which seems sublime,
Are overcome with weariness
    About three-quarters of the time.

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