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  • Trouble Enough

    From the Omaha Daily Bee, September 23, 1912.
    By Wilbur D. Nesbit.
       We do not need to borrow
       Our trouble from tomorrow;
     We’ll find enough to worry us before we’re through today;
       We waste our time in fretting
       O’er what’s to come, forgetting
     The goodness and the gladness that are rich along the way.
       We do not need to ponder
       On what we left back yonder—
     Back yonder on the blotted page that tells of yesterday;
       We should recall the gladness,
       And not bring up the sadness,
     But let the gloom go to the dark and let the sunshine stay.
       This casting up of trouble
       Will only make it double—
     Will only wilt the flowers that are sweet along the road.
       This thing of being tearful
       Instead of waxing cheerful
     Because of what has gone, will only add unto our load.
       So, what’s the use to borrow
       Our trouble from tomorrow,
     Or clutch the sorrows that we thought were ours on yesterday?
       Today will have its fretting,
       But let us go, forgetting
     And joy will overtake us while we walk along the way.