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Ups and Downs

From the Omaha Daily Bee, October 3, 1913. By Bayoll ne Trele.

This life is full of ups and downs,
    Just like a teeter-totter;
Seems like one minute we’re the fly,
    The next we are the swatter;
One minute we’re the under dog,
    The next the dog that’s got ‘im;
One day we ride on top our woes,
    The next we’re at the bottom.

One day we scale the mountain top,
    The next we’re in the valley;
Today our house fronts on the street,
    Tomorrow on the alley;
Sometimes we are “some punkins”
    To whom the public caters;
And then, first thing we know, we find
    We’re mighty “small pertaters!”

This life’s as full of ups and downs
    As a roller-coaster ride is;
Or a Ferris wheel; now we’re high in air,
    Now down where the under side is;
And sometimes in a swing we swing so high
    That up in the clouds we’re hidden;
And again we descend to the sordid earth
    And into the dust have slidden.

If life could be expressed in sound
    As a musical composition,
We’d find that without its ups and downs
    That ’twas scarcely worth the rendition;
And so let us blend our ups and downs
    Into melodies sweet and true,
For if uncontrolled those ups and downs
    Might make rag-time out of you.

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