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Vanished Dangers

From the Rock Island Argus, January 8, 1913.
 By S. E. Kiser.

 He used to hate the idle rich,
     And often spoke with dread
 About the fearful dangers which
     Were looming up ahead;
 He saw a time when blood would flow,
     And anarchy be rife;
 But that was when his funds were low,
 He had the luck a year ago
     To get a wealthy wife.
 He used to say the millionaires
     Were blinded by their greed;
 He thought the world and its affairs
     Were managed wrong, indeed;
 He saw the time when class and mass
     Would wage a bloody strife,
 When chaos would prevail. Alas!
 Since then a change has come to pass!
     He has a wealthy wife.
 He cannot understand today
     Why those who toil complain;
 The ills he feared are cleared away,
     No signs of strife remain.
 Content to let things drift along,
     He lives an easy life,
 Forgetting, if sometimes the strong
 Oppress the weak, that it is wrong:
     He has a wealthy wife.

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