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When Some One Cares

From the Newark Evening Star, September 10, 1914.

When you meet some disappointment, an’ yer feelin’ kinda blue;
When yer plans have all got sidetracked er some friend has proved untrue;
When yer toiling, praying, struggling at the bottom uv the stairs—
It is like a panacea—jest to know that some one cares.

Some one who can appreciate one’s efforts when he tries;
Some one who seems to understand—an’ so can sympathize;
Some one who, when he’s far away, still wonders how he fares—
Some one who never can forget—some one who really cares.

It will send a thrill of rapture through the framework uv the heart;
It will stir the inner bein’ till the tear drops want to start;
For this life is worth the livin’, when some one yer sorrow shares—
Life is truly worth the livin’, when you know that some one cares.

Oh, this world is not all sunshine—many day’s hard clouds disclose;
There’s a cross for ev’ry joy bell, an’ a thorn for ev’ry rose;
But the cross is not so grievous, ner the thorn the rosebud wears—
An’ the clouds have silver linin’s—when some one really cares.

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