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From the Albuquerque Morning Journal, October 11, 1914.

If I could have my dearest wish fulfilled,
    And take my choice of all earth’s treasures, too,
And ask from heaven whatso’er willed,
    I’d ask for you.

No man I’d envy, neither low nor high,
    Nor king in castle old or palace new;
I’d hold Golconda’s mines less rich than I,
    If I had you.

Toil and privation, poverty and care
    Undaunted, I’d defy, nor future woo,
Having my wife, no jewels else I’d wear,
    If she were you.

Little I’d care how lovely she might be,
    How graced with every charm, how fond, how true,
E’en though perfection, she’d be naught to me
    Were she not you.

There is more charm for my true loving heart,
    In everything you think or say, or do,
Than all the joys of heaven could e’er impart,
    Because it’s you.

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