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A Dissenting Voice

From the Evening Star, January 25, 1914. By Philander Johnson.

There is talk of women votin’ down to Pohick on the Crick.
The men folks all got up an’ spoke in favor of it quick,
Exceptin’ old Joe Struthers, who remarked that as fur him,
The benefits of such a plan seemed all remote an’ slim.
He always had the time when an election day came ‘round
To go to town an’ tussle with the problems so profound.
But as fur Mrs. Struthers, it was quite a different case.
If she should quit, there wouldn’t be no one to run the place.

He said she took a day off once an’ went to see her kin.
Joe jes’ stood ‘round not knowin’ where an’ how he should begin
To do the chores an’ follow out the regular daily plan.
He couldn’t git no help from questionin’ the hired man.
The critters on the place, from chickens to the Jersey cow,
Seemed all upset an’ pinin’ an’ inclined to raise a row.
Joe says fur women’s rights in principle he’ll always stick,
But it’s mighty hard to spare ‘em down to Pohick on the Crick.

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