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  • The Quest

    From the Evening Star, July 24, 1915. By Philander Johnson.

    The Dove of Peace exclaimed one day:
    “Conditions fill me with dismay,
    I will disguise myself and seek
    The quiet dear to one so meek.”

    On land she hoped, afar from strife,
    To lead a simple barnyard life,
    But shuddered with incessant dread
    As cannon rattled overhead.

    She trimmed new plumage and in state
    The eagle sought to imitate,
    Until an airship hurried by
    And sent her trembling from the sky.

    Then as a sea gull forth she flew
    Where waves were still and skies were blue
    Until a shock disturbed the scene
    Caused by a reckless submarine.

    And so she turns on weary wing,
    Still hopeful that her wandering
    On land or in the sky or sea
    May find some spot from terror free.