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A Possibility

From the Evening Star, March 2, 1913.
 By Berton Braley.

 When tariff makers of renown
 Shall cut each unjust duty down;
 When landlords ask but little rent;
 When banks and trusts shall be content
 With modest profits now and then
 On trade they do with common men;
 When railroads cease to charge a rate
 Almost the value of the freight;
 When coal men, lumbermen and such
 Shall cease to waste and spoil so much;
 When middlemen shall be no more;
 And he who runs the retail store
 Shall find a profitable way
 To scale the prices we must pay;
 When, in each legislative hall,
 Our “statesmen” serve us, one and all,
 Instead of working for the folk
 Who hold the land beneath their yoke;
 When you and I, with thrifty care,
 Shall stop the leakage here and there,
 Desist from thoughtlessness and haste
 Which mean extravagance and waste;
 When all these goodly things are so,
 The cost of living may get low—
 But, I dunno!

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