Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • A Slave of the City

    From The Birmingham Age Herald, June 23, 1915.

    His heart dwells in fair country lanes,
        The pleasant rural places,
    Where days go by as in a dream
        And no one ever races
    In maddened quest of fame and wealth,
        Unmoved by love or pity,
    And tramples weaker brothers down,
        As folks do in the city.

    His heart dwells in the peaceful realm
        Of meadow, hill and dale,
    Where smoky billows never stain
        The cloud-ships as they sail,
    And where there’s much that’s more worth while
        Than worldly place and power,
    And something of God’s plan is taught
        By every wayside flower.