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A Woman’s Love

From the Rock Island Argus, July 16, 1914. By Henry Howland.

A man prefers the one who makes him laugh;
    The cares that he must carry through the day
Are forgotten or diminished more than half
    If there’s just a chance to laugh along the way!
        But woman—ah, God bless her—
            How her heart does ever leap
        With love—true love and tender—
            For the man who makes her weep!

I like the maid who gives me cause to smile,
    I love the child that gives me little care;
Men praise the ones who keep them laughing while
    They bend beneath the burdens they must bear.
        But woman—ah, God bless her!—
            Her love is true and deep
        For the child that brings her sorrow
            And the man who makes her weep.

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