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  • Around the Corner

    From the Evening Star, April 16, 1913.
     By Philander Johnson.
     Just around the corner there is music soft and sweet;
     The sunbeams on a holiday go dancing down the street.
     You see a path where blossoms bend to greet you on your way
     Through the misty lanes of April to the splendors of the May.
     Though the sullen shadows linger you can sing a little song
     While you’re trudging on your journey, which will not be very long.
     Just around the corner skies are smiling warm and blue—
     The corner of Contentment street and Lazy avenue.
     There the butterflies are neighbors and the honeybees are friends,
     And the wind is sighing comfort where the weeping willow bends.
     The clumsy tortoise plods along, nor cares where he may roam,
     And when he’s scared or weary shuts his shell and calls it home.
     The grasses wave in billows like the flowing of the sea,
     And the birds are busy nesting, way up yonder in the tree;
     They are just around the corner, ‘mongst the perfumes and the dew,
     The corner of Contentment street and Lazy avenue.