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At Last

From The Topeka State Journal, May 19, 1913.
 By Roy K. Moulton.

 In eighteen hundred and twenty when Jim Purdy was nineteen,
 He wrote a comic story for a well known magazine.
 The story was accepted by the editor and when
 Jim Purdy got the news he was the happiest of men.
 He thought of course his story would within a month appear,
 But strange to say it didn’t get in print at all that year.
 Ten years he waited, then he wrote quite anxiously to learn
 The reason, and they told him that his yarn must wait its turn.
 He called upon the editor along in sixty-nine,
 And was informed his story was still waiting in the line.
 He asked for information as to when it might appear.
 They told him that it might perhaps, come out most any year.
 Jim Purdy waited patiently and lost his teeth and hair
 And bought each issue hoping he would find his story there.
 He talked about it all day long and dreamed of it at night;
 His great-grandchildren’s children could not understand him quite.
 One day the mail man brought a check. Old Jim pricked up his ears.
 ’Twas what he had been waiting for nigh on to ninety years.
 That week was sure a lucky one. The magazine came too;
 He trembled with excitement as he looked its pages through.
 His one hundred and seven years all seemed to leave him when
 He let a warwhoop out which seemed to make him young again.
 “I’ll write some more,” he cackled, as he quite forgot the past.
 “I’ve lived to see the thing in print. They’ve published it at last.”

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