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The Soldier’s Easter Song

From The Topeka State Journal, June 4, 1915. By Minna Irving.

Back from gory battle came a soldier Easter Day,
The streets were full of people in their Easter garments gay;
Silver bells were ringing in the steeples overhead,
The soldier he was wounded, and this is what he said:
“It’s a long way to glory, it’s a long way to go
From the dim and quiet churches where the Easter lilies blow.
Good-by to home and comfort, farewell to sweethearts dear,
It’s a long, long way to glory, and my heart’s right here.”

When the soldier joined the colors he was full of thoughts of Fame,
But he found among the trenches that they never spoke her name.
Coming home upon a furlough with his right arm in a sling,
He was strong for peace eternal when the chimes began to ring:
“It’s a long way to glory, it’s a long way to go,
The route is marked in crimson with the blood of friend and foe.
There’s a girl I want to marry, we have waited ‘most a year,
It’s a long, long way to glory when my heart is here.

“I would rather have a cottage, and a garden and a cow,
Than a V. C. on my bosom, and a laurel on my brow.
War has led me through his shambles till my soul is worn to rags;
Give us peace the wide world over, fold away the battle-flags;
It’s a long way to glory, it’s a long way to go,
It’s a long way to glory and the hardest road I know.
From the snowy Easter lilies may the dove of peace appear,
It’s a long, long way to glory, for my heart’s right here.”

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