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Bagman Wind

From The Topeka State Journal, November 5, 1914. By Grif Alexander.

Bagman Wind has things to sell, rings to sell, swings to sell!
    Bagman Wind has kings to sell! Every one a bargain!
Scent of sea and scent of flowers; Scent of garden after showers!
    Perfumes faint of passing hours! Every one a bargain!

Come, who’ll buy? Ye simple folk, who pretend to love a joke,
    Here are dainty rings of smoke—every one a bargain!
Only cost a puff or two! Purse your mouth and they’ll skidoo!
    Lover’s rings enough for two! And every one a bargain!

Swings? Why, bless your heart, just these: Clothes on lines and leaves on trees,
    Hammocks, ribbons, ships on seas—every one a bargain!
(When these high grade goods he shows, how his voice’s ringing blows
    Puffs his wares! But then he knows every one’s a bargain!)

Kings? Why, lots! Here’s cheerfulness and (for the baby) King Caress,
    And kisses crowned for Kate and Bess—every one a bargain!
Health and strength he brings to you, cures you when you’re feeling blue!
    He can whisper secrets, too! Every one a bargain!

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