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From the Evening Star, November 1, 1912.
By Philander Johnson.

     For the leader of a nation
     There’s a wonderful elation
 When he gets the news of victory complete;
     But there’s also comfort waiting
     For the man who hears them stating
 That his efforts have resulted in defeat.
     He can be an eight-hour sleeper,
     He can sit down to his “three per,”
 Far distant from the bustle and the roar.
     It will not be found essential
     To meet people influential
 Who hammer with petitions on his door.
     He can play the games that please him,
     And indulge the moods that seize him
 If he wants to take a trip to foreign lands.
     He can give a cheery greeting
     To each friend he may be meeting
 And not put in the whole day shaking hands.
     There is joy in the endeavor
     To be powerful or clever;
 But when the struggle has been gotten through
     There is surely compensation
     In the blissful relaxation
 Of the man who hasn’t very much to do.

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