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From The Seattle Star, December 23, 1912. By Berton Braley.

 It’s lots of fun to travel
     Around from place to place,
 To watch the road unravel,
     The country change its face;
 It’s fun to be a rover,
     A pilgrim, now and then,
 But when the journey’s over
     I’m glad I’m home again.
 To visit friends is pleasure
     Wherever they may be;
 Such joys I always treasure
     And hold in memory.
 And yet—somehow—why is it?
     No matter where I’ve been,
 When finished is my visit
     I’m glad I’m home again.
 Home, where I can be selfish
     And lazy-like as well,
 Withdraw like any shellfish
     Within my comfy shell
 To shun the wide world’s tourney
     And loaf around my den—
 I’ve had a pleasant journey.
     I’m glad I’m home again.

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