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  • Contentment

    From the Rock Island Argus, August 4, 1914. By Henry Howland.

    If I possessed an income, say,
        Of thirty thousand dollars yearly
    And had it fixed in such a way
        That I could see it coming clearly;
    If, whether I should work or not,
        The money kept on rolling to me,
    I do not think a dismal thought
        Would ever stubbornly pursue me.

    If such an income could be mine
        And I were young as well as wealthy,
    If ladies thought my gifts divine,
        And I were handsome, too, and healthy,
    If men should always speak of me
        In terms that were most eulogistic,
    I don’t think I should ever be
        A fretful man or pessimistic.

    If I had all the blessings which
        Lie out beyond my reach at present;
    If I were handsome, young and rich
        And my surroundings were all pleasant,
    I might have freedom from regret;
        The chances are, though, that I shouldn’t,
    For still, no doubt, I’d long to get
        Some other something that I couldn’t.