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  • Forever

    From the Evening Star, September 7, 1913. By S. E. Kiser.

    She treated him as if he had
        Been some unworthy thing;
    It seemed, indeed, to make her glad
        To see him worrying.

    She seemed to study how to make
        His moments doubly sad;
    She seemed to want his heart to break,
        His sorrow made her glad.

    At last, believing her to be
        Unworthy and unkind,
    He ceased his pleading, sensibly
        Declining to be blind.

    The moment that he turned away
        And seemed to cease to care
    She humbly called to him to stay,
        And wilted in despair.

    He tenderly forgave her when
        Her tears began to flow;
    For so it is with maids and men—
        It always will be so.