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  • Happy Days

    From the Evening Star, September 21, 1912.
    By Philander Johnson.
     Oh, happy was the childhood hour
       When Father paid the bills
     And left us free to grasp the flower
       That blossomed on the hills!
     Those were the days in which we took
       No thought of taxes high,
     Nor feared the grafter or the crook
       Who might be drawing nigh.
     Three meals per day were always there;
       So was the dwelling place.
     We thought that Father’s greatest care
       Was simply to say grace.
     And so we wandered light and free,
       Without a trace of woe,
     Each had no thoughts save those of glee,
       Unless he stubbed his toe.
     Now greater wisdom bids us pause
       And grateful memory thrills.
     We were so happy then because
       Dear Father paid the bills.