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  • Have I Failed?

    From the Newark Evening Star, April 22, 1915. By S. E. Kiser.

    I have worked and I have won
        Certain pleasing victories;
    If the things that I have done
        Be not heard of overseas,
    Or their merits be denied
        Or unnoticed by the crowd,
    Still, to me they have supplied
        Moments when my heart was proud.

    I have loved and I have heard
        Her who seemed angelic say
    Tenderly the golden word
        That swept all my doubts away;
    Though the world may never look
        For such worth as I have had,
    Or perceive my little nook,
        I have filled it and been glad.

    I have seen her child and mine
        Sleeping in her proud embrace;
    If my gifts be not divine,
        Nor my place a lofty place,
    I have worked and hoped and won
        All the love a man may claim.
    Have I failed if I have done
        Naught to bring me wealth or fame?