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From The Seattle Star, September 26, 1912.
By Berton Braley.

 Jenkins spent his money,
   Took me to a show,
 Took me out to dinner
   Where the big guns go,
 Bought me smokes in plenty,
   Blew his money free;
 Still I didn’t like his
 Barney gave me greeting
   Free of “froth and foam,”
 Smiled and beamed upon me,
   Took me to his home;
 Made me feel at ease there
   With his family;
 That’s the true and honest
 ‘Tisn’t in the splendor,
   ‘Tisn’t in the style,
 But in thoughtful kindness
   And the welcome smile.
 Money cannot buy it,
   Not for any fee;
 It’s a gift of nature—

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