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I Remember

From the Bisbee Daily Review, April 22, 1913.

 I remember, I remember
     When courtin’ Sal I went;
 The parlor where so many
     Delightful hours were spent;
 The good old horsehair sofy,
     The crayon portraits, too,
 Which stared so impolitely
     As crayon portraits do;
 The whatnot in the corner,
     Filled up with ancient junk,
 The stuffed owl on the mantle,
     Who listened to the bunk.
 I peddled just like you did,
     When courtin’ of your gal,
 And life was simply heaven
     When I was courtin’ Sal.
 I remember, I remember
     How I marched up the aisle.
 The knot tied by the pastor
     Has held for quite a while.
 The horsehair sofy’s missing,
     They crayon portraits, too.
 We’re living in apartments,
     With modern stuff clear through.
 The stuffed owl is not with us
     Perched up above the grate;
 We have no corner what-nots,
     For we are up to date.
 I remember, I remember
     I married Sal you bet.
 The landlord and collectors
     Will not let me forget.

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