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When I Left School

From the Bisbee Daily Review, February 11, 1913.
 By Roy K. Moulton.

 I remember, I remember the day that I quit school
     I got a nice diploma for minding every rule.
 I was the wisest mortal who ever left the place
     There was no person like me in all the human race.
 I had old Homer faded and Solomon as well
     The real reach of my knowledge would take too long to tell.
 And I was downright sorry. It really seemed a shame
     That I should have to go out and teach the world its game.
 For I was tenderhearted and couldn’t bear to see
     The looks of jealous anger when people heard of me.
 The teacher, to assure me, was kind enough to say
     The other folks would manage to get along some way.
 I couldn’t quite believe him. You see that was before
     I’d taken my first toddle outside the college door.
 Then I set forth to conquer the poor old easy world
     With wind and weather charming and every sail unfurled.
 ’Twas several long years ago, how many I forget
     But still I don’t mind ownin’ the world ain’t conquered yet.
 I remember, I remember the day that I quit school;
     Since then I have been learnin’ how not to be a fool.

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