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From the Evening Star, January 15, 1913.
 By Philander Johnson.

 Father was reciting
 A speech he had to make.
 For days he had been writing
 For patriotism’s sake.
 With noble self-reliance
 ‘Gainst tyrants he rebelled
 And uttered fierce defiance—
 Just then the baby yelled.
 Mother was declaring
 That women ought to vote,
 Her arguments preparing
 All earnestly to quote.
 With reasons energetic,
 Which could not be dispelled,
 She spoke in tones prophetic—
 Just then the baby yelled.
 They both forgot their speaking
 And hastened swiftly there
 To that small infant, seeking
 To soothe him with their care,
 Forgetting the oration
 In which they both excelled—
 They might have saved the nation
 If the baby hadn’t yelled.

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