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Jimmy’s Hair Cut

From the Harrisburg Telegraph, March 15, 1915.

Jimmy’s had a hair cut!
    How the folks all stare!
It’s so short you see his skin
    Showing through his hair.
‘Twasn’t what he had before,
    Cut all round a bowl;
It was in that barber store
    By the candy pole.

Jimmy’s had a hair cut!
    We were there to see,
Looking through the window pane—
    All the boys with me.
He was worried there alone,
    Trying hard to grin,
On a kind of great big throne,
    Wrapped up to his chin.

Jimmy’s had a hair cut!
    Course it scared him some.
All those shears and cups and things
    Sort of struck him dumb.
Jimmy’s mother saved a curl—
    She feels bad, I know,
That he wasn’t born a girl,
    And could let it grow.

Jimmy’s had a hair cut—
    My! It made him proud!
Walking out, while all of us
    Followed in a crowd.
He got pretty rich that day,
    ‘Fore he went to bed;
He made every fellow pay
    Just to smell his head.

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