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Lessons in History

From the Evening Star, March 23, 1913.

 We’re a-goin’ to the dogs,
     History sure points the way,
 ‘Cause what happened way back there
     Is what threatens us today.
 Rome is busted, Greece is busted,
     Babylon is busted, too—
 Putterville would better profit
     By their fate, I’m tellin’ you!
 Not to beat around the bush—
     What about old Col. Toake?
 Is the turnin’ out of his cows
     On the public streets a joke?
 Rome and Greece and Babylon—
     All them had their priv’leged class,
 And I’ll bet their first graft was
     Runnin’ cows on public grass.
 Little thing, some folks’ll say,
     And not worth the fussin’ at;
 If me or you or Tuttle Gibbs
     Should let our stock run out like that
 It wouldn’t be a little thing;
     They’d have the constable on us
 And have us hauled before the law—
     You bet there’d be an awful fuss!
 It always is the high up chap
     That benefits by what is done;
 And that’s the plan on which those old
     And ruined nations all was run.
 Rome went under, Greece went under,
     Babylon went under, too—
 Putterville can learn a lesson
     From their fate, I’m tellin’ you!

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