Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • Little Brown Hands

    From the Grand Forks Daily Herald, February 9, 1915.

    They drive home the cows from the pasture
    Up thro’ the long, shady lane,
    Where the quail whistles loud in the wheat field
    That is yellow with ripening grain.

    They find in the thick, waving grasses
    Where the scarlet-lipped strawberry grows;
    They gather the earliest snowdrops
    And the first crimson buds of the rose.

    They toss the hay in the meadow,
    They gather the elder-bloom white;
    They find where the dusky grapes purple
    In the soft-tinted October light.

    They know where the apples hang ripest
    And are sweeter than Italy’s wines;
    They know where the fruit hangs thickest
    On the long, thorny blackberry vines.

    They gather the delicate seaweeds,
    And build tiny castles of sand;
    They pick up the beautiful seashells,
    Fairy barks, that have drifted to land.

    They wave from the tall, rocking tree-tops,
    Where the oriole’s hammock-nest swings;
    And at night time are folded in slumber
    By a song that a fond mother sings.

    Those who toil bravely are strongest,
    The humble and poor become great;
    And from those brown-handed children
    Shall grow mighty rulers of state.

    The pen of the author and statesman,
    The noble and wise of our land—
    The sword and the chisel and palette
    Shall be held in the little brown hand.