Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • Madrigal

    From the Evening Public Ledger, June 17, 1915. By Edith Ives Woodworth.


    She came across the shining hill
        Adown a golden lea,
    Love lightened in her dewy eyes,
        Love piped a melody.

    Love led her to a silver space
        Beneath a gray-leaved tree;
    Dear Heaven! the wind tossed in her hair,
        The sunlight touched her knee.

    Ah, unforgotten morn of gold,
        O river running free,
    I thrilled to see her foam-white foot
        When my love came to me.


    Night broods upon the gray-leaved bough
        Around the shadowed door,
    O dark is yon unlighted hill
        And dull the reedy shore.

    Nor will she pass upon the plain
        As once she passed before,
    Nor evermore her foam-white foot,
        My starry love of yore.