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Nothing Serious

From The Seattle Star, November 15, 1912.

 There’s many a man who kicks against
     The price of pork and steak,
 Who says that the cost of chalky milk
     Gives him a constant ache,
 Who howls when he buys a dozen eggs
     And roars a half an hour
 When buying a cake of laundry soap
     Or half a sack of flour,
 Who threatens to cause someone’s arrest
     And rails against the trust,
 And says that the cost of living soon
     Will make the nation bust—
 Who’ll blow a good five dollar bill
     For one of the latest shirts
 And pick out a swell three-dollar tie
     And make no sign it hurts.
 Who’ll stand at a bar with twenty men
     And buy round after round
 In treating the crowd to foamy drinks
     And never make a sound!

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