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  • Outside Interference

    From the Evening Star, June 11, 1913.
     By Philander Johnson.
     We are feelin’ some excited down to Pohick-on-the-Crick.
     We used to run the village in a manner smooth an’ slick;
     But we suddenly discovered with astonishment profound
     We had a lot o’ lobbyists a-campin’ on the ground!
     You see, a lobbyist ain’t always one that works for pay.
     He’s just a man that hangs around an’ wants to have his say.
     He’ll flatter or persuade you or he’ll rile you an’ make fun
     In hopes to make you do things jes’ the way he wants ‘em done.
     You can’t repair your fence or break a colt or shoe a mare
     Without Joe Struthers gives the job his supervisin’ care.
     An’ old Zeb Tunkins drops around not meanin’ any harm
     An’ tells you what’s the matter with the way you run your farm.
     Si Simlin criticizes all the efforts that you make
     An’ Huldy Woggins wants to teach your wife to broil an’ bake.
     We want investigatin’ an’ we want it good and quick.
     There’s too much lobbyin’ down here to Pohick-on-the-Crick!