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Poor Archery

From the Richmond Times Dispatch, May 11, 1915.

Dan Cupid once a-scouting went,
    To search for victims, cause commotion;
The bow that wings his shafts was bent,
    The shafts tipped with love’s fateful potion,
        And when a shaft sped from that bow
        ’Twas bound to lay somebody low.

To right and left this archer mad
    Dispatched his messengers of worry,
Nor cared he if his aim was bad,
    For Cupid’s always in a hurry.
        “If age, not youth, receive a dart,
        Why then,” quoth he, “let old age smart.”

His marksmanship was much at fault,
    For hearts that scorned him heard love singing,
While hearts left bare to his assault—
    That begged the blow that he was bringing—
        Escaped all wounds and mourned that he
        Should leave them whole and fancy free.

Perhaps you’ve wondered in what way
    Dan Cupid’s victims are selected;
Perhaps you’ve thought sometimes that they
    Had not been properly inspected.
        Well, this is why: Dan banks on chance
        And speeds his darts without a glance.

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