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  • Prolonged Agitation

    From the Evening Star, January 19, 1913.
     By Philander Johnson.
     We’re livin’ calm and peaceful down to Pohick on the Crick.
     We remember last November when the talk was flyin’ thick,
     But we’ve settled down to duty and a proper share of rest,
     With every one a-hopin’ an’ a-doin’ of his best.
     There ain’t no apprehension ‘bout what’s goin’ to be done
     In conferrin’ new distinctions over there in Washington.
     We wrote our ballots plainly, as becomes men brave an’ free;
     Since the vote has gone on record, we jes’ say, “Let bygones be.”
     There’s a heap of agitation—we kin hear it from afar,
     Even though our own existence moves along without a jar.
     There are big committee meetin’s. Speeches fill the air again.
     They are sometimes most as thrillin’ as they were in the campaign.
     There are new ideas started with determination bold,
     An’ there’s eager agitation in defendin’ of the old.
     But we have our own ideas an’, I guess, to them we’ll stick,
     Heaven be thanked! Election’s over here at Pohick on the Crick!