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Scenic Embellishments

From the Evening Star, December 5, 1913. By Philander Johnson.

We’ve had some street improvements down to Pohick on the Crick.
They filled the roadway up with pipes and covered it with brick.
They finished it on Thursday and the thoroughfare looked fine.
On Saturday they had a gang of working men in line
Who said they had discovered that the pipes were all in wrong.
They’d have to look ‘em over, though the job would not take long.
When they had got one end of Main Street finished up with care
The other end was marked for renovation and repair.

Oh, the town is full of lanterns when the evening shadows fall.
It looks as if preparing for a large and splendid ball.
And where by day you used to drive along without a fear,
You find the road blocked up by picks and shovels, far and near.
A chasm runs along like a small canyon from the west.
The dirt is piled in jagged lines to make a mountain crest.
To drive a wagon has become a neat and risky trick—
But we’re full of brand-new scenery at Pohick on the Crick.

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