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Soliloquy of an Old Soldier

From the Omaha Daily Bee, January 4, 1915. By O. C. A. Child.

You need not watch for silver in your hair,
    Or try to smooth the wrinkles from your eyes,
Or wonder if you’re getting quite too spare,
    Or if your mount can bear a man your size.

You’ll never come to shirk the fastest flight,
    To query if she really cares to dance,
To find your eye less keen upon the sight,
    Or lose your tennis wrist or golfing stance.

For you the music ceased on highest note—
    Your charge had won, you’d scattered them like sand,
And then a little whisper in your throat,
    And you asleep, your cheek upon your hand.

Thrice happy fate, you met it in full cry,
    Young, eager, loved, your glitt’ring world all joy—
You ebbed not out, you died when tide was high,
    An old campaigner envies you, my boy!

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