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The Summer Rain

From The Sun, May 3, 1914. By Ninette M. Lowater.

I hear the dancing on the roof, the fairy footed rain!
I hear her singing in the eaves, and tapping at the pane;
I hear her calling to the flowers and to the creeping grass,
And they come laughing up to greet her footsteps as they pass.

She brings the promise of the year, of food for hungry herds,
Shelter and food for wildwood things, and for the singing birds;
And food for man, the dainty fruits, the yellow wheat and corn,
And all the largesse of the earth are of her bounty born.

Sing high and sweet, O summer rain, with verdure crown the hills,
Fill to the brim our wells and springs, fill all the little rills;
Earth laughs with joy to see you spread your banners in the sky,
For in the bounteous gifts you bring our wealth and welfare lie.

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