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The Original R. R. Problem

From the Evening Star, June 20, 1913.
 By Philander Johnson.

 We’ve got a railroad problem down to Pohick on the Crick.
 We’ve heard about stock tickers an’ manipulation slick,
 But we ain’t a-takin’ sides with any bulls or any bears.
 If we get ours we won’t object to them a-gettin’ theirs.
 Whenever we are drivin’ through the rough an’ heavy road
 We wish we could get out an’ help the horses pull the load;
 An’ we’re haunted by the echoes of a whistle far away,
 Where folks kin see a locomotive passin’ every day.
 We held a meetin’ an’ discussed the railroad problem there.
 We didn’t say a word about the freight rates or the fare.
 We didn’t talk of watered stock or policies unjust.
 There’s time enough to kick. You want to get your railroad fust.
 A cozy little station an’ some trains a-makin’ time
 Would lift us for the present to a height of joy sublime.
 Jes’ any kind of railroad, runnin’ slow or runnin’ quick,
 Is all that we demand to date, at Pohick on the Crick.

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