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  • The Plea of the Ordinary Reader

    From The Seattle Star, October 21, 1912.
    By Berton Braley.
     I feel I am needing a change in my reading;
       I weary of tales which describe
     The poor east side tailor who lives in his squalor
       Amid all the rest of his tribe;
     I also am weary of stories more cheery
       Which chiefly—yes, wholly—concern
     The beautiful heiress with gowns made in Paris
       And the youth who has money to burn.
     I long for narrations of people whose stations
       Are not so extreme either way.
     The people I meet in the office and street in
       The course of my business and play;
     I don’t care for stories of wealth and its glories
       Nor tales of acute misery;
     I long in my fiction to find the depiction
       Of commonplace people—like me!