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The Reason

From The Topeka State Journal, November 30, 1914. By Roy K. Moulton.

Got a letter yesterday
    From my cousin Jim.
Guess it’s been almost a year
    Since I’ve heard from him.
Says he hopes I’m prosperin’,
    For he’s fond of me;
Hopes I’ll drop the old-time grudge
    An’ be friends you see.
Takes occasion to remark,
    Incidental like,
New kid at this house is named
    In my honor, Ike.

Uncle Pete has written me,
    Quite a letter, too;
Hopes my health is on the gain,
    Then hands me a few
Hot ones on his love for me;
    Says it is intense,
Like to see me if he could,
    Barrin’ the expense.
To’ard the close he manages
    To slip in a line
That the suit I gin him once
    Lasted three years, fine.

Cousin Hank and Brother Bill
    Both have written home,
Tellin’ us about their trip,
    Where they’re apt to roam.
They’ve been gone eleven months,
    Prospectin’ out west;
First we’ve heard from them is now;
    Said they’d done their best
But their luck seemed kinder poor,
    They’re homesick, almost.
‘Long about the twenty-fifth
    They’ll reach Painted Post.

Letters comin’ all the time,
    Mailmen, as a rule,
Say I must be runnin’ some
    Correspondence school.
Sisters, uncles, cousins, aunts,
    Long forgotten friends,
Sending picture postal cards
    Just to make amends.
But the end of this rush will
    Come soon, never fear.
Reason for it all is this:
    Christmas time is near.

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