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  • The Rescue

    From the Evening Star, March 25, 1914. By Philander Johnson.

    We thought that Uncle Jim might need
        A little spell o’ rest.
    In eloquence he took the lead
        An’ labored with the best.
    We thought we’d slip a sinecure
        To this our favorite son,
    An’ so we got him safe an’ sure
        A berth in Washington.

    We met him there with furrowed brow
        An’ droopin’, weary eyes.
    We couldn’t understand just how
        A man so good an’ wise
    Could seem so overworked an’ sad,
        With such a victory won.
    Our Uncle Jim went to the bad
        Up there in Washington.

    When next election comes along
        The neighborhood intends
    To bring him by a ballot strong
        Back here among his friends.
    Though this may not appeal to him,
        Our duty must be done.
    We’ve got to rescue Uncle Jim
        From work in Washington!