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The Right Spirit

From The Birmingham Age Herald, December 24, 1914.

“I’m very glad to be alive,”
    A sturdy fellow said,
“Although ’tis true I seldom thrive
    And I’m not often fed
On dainty dishes. Still, I get
    A good substantial fare
And manage to keep out of debt
    By taking proper care.

“This suit I have on isn’t what
    You might consider fine,
But then that sort is never got
    For seven ninety-nine.
And while my overcoat was bought
    At least three years ago,
It keeps me warm when I am caught
    Where winds of winter blow.

“All luxuries I rather think
    I’ll ever be denied;
No costly wines are mine to drink,
    I walk instead of ride.
But, nevertheless, as you’ll infer,
    I’m far from being blue.
What’s that? A Merry Christmas, sir?
    Why, thanks. The same to you!”

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