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  • War

    From the Evening Star, August 29, 1914. By Philander Johnson.

    Said the man who molds the cannon to the man who builds the ship,
    “I am giving you a cargo for a strange and fearful trip.
    And if you float or if you sink out yonder in the sea
    I’ll keep on molding cannon; and it’s all the same to me.”

    Said the man who builds the ship unto the cannon molder grim,
    “I’ll take your cannon for a sail where lads all smart and trim
    Will aim and fire true. And if your cannon shattered be,
    I’ll keep on with my building; and it’s all the same to me.”

    “For every gun that cracks we’ll mold a bigger, stouter gun.
    For every ship that sinks we’ll put afloat a better one.
    The lads that come and go—the women weep to lose them thus!
    But we make our ships and cannon, and it’s all the same to us.”