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  • Weighing the Chances

    From the Evening Star, August 11, 1913. By Philander Johnson.

    I’d like to have lived in the classic days
    When luxuries that would now amaze
    Were common; when splendid sybarites
    In feasting would pass their days and nights.
    And yet when patricians boldly shirk
    There must be people to do the work.
    Had I been there it would be my luck
    To be left outside to unload the truck.

    I’d like to march with the heroes bold,
    Where the music sounds and the flags unfold.
    When through dreams like these our fancies flit
    We always imagine that we’d be It.
    And yet I’ll wager that should I be
    A soldier brave they’d allot to me
    No medals bright to adorn my tent.
    I’d be cooking beans for the regiment.