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When You Are Safe

From the Rock Island Argus, September 15, 1914. By Henry Howland.

It’s easy to be boasting when all your ventures pay;
It’s easy to be cheerful when good things come your way;
It’s easy to speak proudly to every one you meet,
Except when you are feeling the bruises of defeat.

It’s easy to talk bravely when danger is not near;
It’s easy to have courage when there is naught to fear;
It’s easy to be boasting when you are safe ashore,
That you hear only music when angry billows roar.

It’s easy to cry, “Coward”—when you have not been tried—
At him who runs from danger, forgetting manly pride;
It’s easy to be telling how fearless you would be
When all is peaceful round you, as far as you can see.

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