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Big Game Hunters

From The Tacoma Times, February 12, 1913.
 By Berton Braley.

 We are looking, we are looking for the Masters of Finance,
 And it’s no use fleeing from us as we dauntlessly advance
 With a summons and subpoena and a warrant in our hand
 And with double-barreled questions and an air of stern command;
 We are trailing wily captains of the wicked system camp
 And the malefactors tremble when they hear our sturdy tramp;
 There are men of mighty millions who were never known to quail
 Till they heard us stepping softly as we hit upon their trail.
 Let the Wall Street powers thunder, we are not a bit afraid,
 We’re the bravest little hunters that you ever saw arrayed.
 We’ve been probing, poking, peeking through the jungle where they roam
 The fierce and savage monsters who are feared in every home;
 And when we’ve got ‘em captured through our skill and courage high
 We’ll put ‘em on the witness stand and make ‘em testify.
 We’re out for big game hunting—there’s a lot upon our list
 And when at last we’ve got ‘em, WE SHALL SLAP ‘EM ON THE WRIST!

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