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Cactus Centre’s Plutocrat

From The Sun, October 19, 1913.

Down here in Cactus Centre prosperity has come;
A stranger feller brought it—he has made the hull town hum;
He dropped a thousand dollars on the stage a-comin’ in;
Every time he missed a kyote the stage driver would win.

He spent at least ten thousand playin’ poker and roulette.
There simply wasn’t nothin’ that’d bluff him from a bet;
He bought a dozen ranches, and the store of Happy Hank;
He’s started up a stockyards and a factory and bank.

He’s put a hundred thousand in a gilded liquor perch;
He lifted up the mortgage on the Cactus Centre church.
He’s planned an office building where there used to be just tents,
And he’s put a half a million in a bang-up residence.

Who is this wealthy stranger that is blowin’ cash so free?
That there’s the very question that has had us up a tree;
On a pennant winnin’ ball team he heads the list of names,
And he’s tryin’ to spend the profits of this year’s world series games.

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