Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • The Artist

    From The Sun, June 13, 1915.

    When nature with a mission grave
        Was by the Lord endowed
    She painted on the sea a wave
        And on the sky a cloud.
    And on the land she drew a hill
        And on the hill a tree,
    And in the vale she placed a rill
        That traveled to the sea.

    And then, progressing without doubt,
        She took a little brush
    And in the stream she placed a trout,
        And on the tree a thrush.
    And on the waves she painted foam
        And roses in the wild;
    And in the shelter of a home
        A woman and a child.

    And did all this perfection bring?
        Ah, no! Experience shows
    She caused the little thrush to sing,
        Gave perfume to the rose.
    And best of all, the artist wise,
        And in her happiest style,
    Put love into the woman’s eyes
        And made the baby smile!