Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • Fashion’s Rule

    From the Evening Star, April 16, 1915. By Philander Johnson.

    There is a reason for each thing
        That time brings to attention;
    Though sudden changes often bring
        A state of apprehension.
    Somebody wears a funny hat,
        His friends straightway go dashin’
    To get some headgear just like that
        Because it is the fashion.

    Somebody uses language queer,
        And others imitate it.
    An epigram we chance to hear
        And straightway all orate it,
    Not for the thought it may contain
        Nor poetry nor passion;
    We simply hand it out again
        Because it is the fashion.

    A stock wakes up some morning fine.
        Somebody thinks he’ll try it.
    The word is passed along the line
        And many rush to buy it.
    Few of them pause to calculate
        As ticker talk comes flashin’.
    It booms at an amazing rate
        Because it is the fashion.